the sports superapp

Launched in 2022, Movn, also Mov’n aims to become a major superapp in sports, health and wellness but also in the world of technology and Web3.

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Free – Available in English, French, Spanish – Rating 4+

Our mission

By creating the Movn Superapp, our mission is to make sports more accessible, more rewarding, more fun for everyone, everywhere in the world. We want to offer a unique, modern, powerful app bringing together applications developed by third-party companies to make the daily life of all athletes easier.

Technologies must bring unrestricted and fairer access to sports, wellness and health because it is essential for life.

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A free, useful & highly scalable sports superapp

Download Movn App

Download the Movn app from the App Store or Google Play. Totally free application, in-app purchases not required.

Create your account

Once installed, create your Movn account for free & quickly with an Apple ID, Google account.

Connect Health Data

Connect Movn to the Health app on your phone to synchronize your data automatically during your physical activity.

Install apps of your choice

Start the Movn experience by installing the apps of your choice, complete your profile and more. Welcome to the Superapp


A superapp for your daily sports

Whether you are an advanced athlete or just want to adopt a more active lifestyle, Movn offers  apps dedicated to your daily sports, your well being and your health. This is the concept of the “Super App”. Install the apps of your choice from the modern, fluid, and unique Movn superapp.

Through constant innovation and web3 integrations, we offer superior sports, wellness and health technologies that will bring the athlete in you.

Movn app

Movn creates a powerful link between sports companies & athletes

The best solution to create your own sports, wellness or health application. With Movn, an app is quick to develop, cost effective and powerful through third-party integrations. Your app will delight your users through its web3 disruptive features. Last but not least, your app expose your services to its exponentially growing community of targeted consumers and businesses.


An emblematic partner of Movn, the French Tennis Federation has developed several miniapps on Movn to offer its members innovative features during events like National Tennis Cup.

Join the only sports superapp in the world

Improve your health with the sports superapp

Encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle is our top priority. Many apps have been designed to make your daily sports life easier and improve your physical condition. Challenge yourself and other users around the world by running, walking, practicing your sport. All sports companies can seamlessly get their app in Movn and start delighting their communities through a more unique and unified experience.

Soon, you will be able to find a personal trainer or a coach, book lessons, subscribe to your gym, participate in a sports event or a race near you, and more. Entertain yourself and enter an interactive and social experience with our apps.