The sports superapp.

Movn is a sports superapp catering to athletes and anyone seeking a more active lifestyle, regardless of their skill level.

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Find all your sporting needs in one app.

Movn brings together sports enthusiasts and fans with a unified app that simplifies and enhances daily routines through practical, enjoyable, and innovative apps.


Sports coaches, personal training sessions, training facilities near you.

Book coaches


Sporting events ranging from a running race to a tennis tournament.

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Real-time news and results for your favorite tournaments and competitions.

Trophée Clarins WTA App
Follow tournaments


To enhance your fitness with apps that combine sports, fun, move to earn and rewards.

Walk&Collect App
Play with Move to Earn
The app store keeps growing as sports businesses create new apps.
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Gamify your physical activity with our features.

Whether you're tracking your physical activity, earning rewards like a Move-To-Earn, collecting NFTs or taking on challenges, these features come together to provide a more engaging and entertaining approach to sports.

Fit Index on Movn

Fit Index

A universal score of your current physical activity.

MOV crypto on Movn

MOV Token

Sport coins available in select apps and services.

Wallet on Movn

Movn Wallet

View your balance and all your transactions in Movn Wallet.

Rewarding on Movn

Move to Earn

Earn MOV crypto rewards for your physical activity.

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Steps to kick off your sport journey in the Movn Superapp.


Sign up with your Google, Apple, or email account.


Complete your personal information to finalize registration.


Allow Google Fit or Apple Health to sync your data.


Explore the catalog and install your first app.

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