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Movn Superapp integrates powerful and unique native features for anyone willing to adopt a more active lifestyle. Driven by our passion for sports and our expertise of Web3, we enhance the sports & wellness experience.

Movn app features

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Superapp features designed for a more active and healthier lifestyle

Activity Tracking

Sync Movn with your health app (Google Fit or Apple Heath) for a better experience. All your health and physical activity data will become available from one single place.

You no longer need a dedicated device to track your daily activity since your iPhone or Android smartphone can do it! Thanks to the motion processor available in all new smartphones and smartwatches, you can track your activity throughout the day.

Tracking Activity Movn


Fit Index

The Fit Index is an advanced feature of the Movn app that creates a universal index of physical activity. It collects health data from your devices (phone, watch) to create a universal score of your physical activity level. Fit Index is based on a unique algorithm. For an adult, the optimal Fit Index is 100.

The system is based on the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO). This is a great solution for those who don’t want the complexity of other fitness tracking apps.

Fit Index will keep track of your steps, distance traveled, daily active calorie burn just by carrying your phone! 

Research has shown that physical activity has a huge impact on health. Even a very moderate daily activity will get you in better shape. Fit Index will automatically quantify your activity and motivate you to be more active!

Fit Index

On the recommendations of


Whether promoting equality, encouraging community development or being a vehicle for social change, sport has a greater role to play in society than ever before. It is also responsible for making the entire organization complying with the standards of sustainability, diversity and inclusion.

It is precisely for this vision that the MovCare program was created.

With the support of our ambassadors, the MovCare program allows any user of the Movn app to donate their in-app rewards to the charity of their choice.

MovCare Program


MOV Token

Movn has introduced the $MOV utility token, the sports currency, into the superapp. Used in some apps, the $MOV gives access to products and services, allowing users to be rewarded for their physical activities.

Externals apps can use the $MOV as a token to allow users to participate in games, challenges or events. Users can participate in games and challenges to earn rewards and manager with Movn Wallet.

Users can use their $MOVs as an access key to earn rewards, such as purchasing game tickets or merchandise and more.

Movn users can use tokens as a sport currency and exchange them for discounts on match tickets, buy collectibles, NFT, clothes, to participate in exclusive competitions or the chance to win VIP experiences, such as meeting one of our ambassadors.

$MOVs can be used by users to unlock experiences, improve their profile, or access exclusive offers in the superapp or any app.

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