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movn® is a superapp designed to motivate you to adopt a more active lifestyle, thus combating physical inactivity and sedentary lifestyle which are two silent threats to health.
It is a Web3 Move-To-Earn type platform where the user can generate income by being physically active every day.
The income in question is $MOV, a cryptocurrency but at the same time the utility token of the superapp.

movn® is available in Android (Play Store) and iOS (App Store).

A superapp is the new digital model for apps. The user can access hundreds of services called miniapps through a single application which provides a uniform and consistent experience. movn® therefore aspires to become the Active Lifestyle Sports superapp offering thousands of miniapps to its users.

A unique identity system for people who are physically active, or who want to be, based on the blockchain. The ID aims to become the main point of access to all the services necessary for the practice of sport (partner finder, facility booking, event ticket purchase, access to your club, funding of your sports project, sports collectibles, registration to competitions, level rating system and many more).

It will also allow you to bring all the statistics and data related to your physical activity in one single place and to own them.

In short, the “Universal Sports ID” is like a passport for sports.

A level rating system for each sport that is both universal & unisex.

Universal because it is a language spoken and understood by all players regardless of their nationality, their club or the federation they belong to. Unisex because men and women are assessed and ranked together and not separately as in most sports.

The universal ranking is powered by an algorithm of its own based on artificial intelligence to give more precision and reliability to the evaluation of athletes.

The level is a number that goes from one to one hundred (1-100).

We recommend the movn® superapp.

  • Just go to Playstore (Android) or App Store (IOs) to download movn® to install it.
  • Still on Playstore (Android) or App Store (iOs), download the Google Fit (Android) or Apple Health/Health (iOs) app and install one or the other.
  • Then configure Google Fit or Apple Health/Health so that one or the other is operational on your phone.
  • Then come back to the movn® superapp to register via ”Google Login” if you are using an Android with a Gmail address or via ”E-mail Login” if you are using an Iphone with any other email address.
  • Arrived on the home interface of movn® after your registration with your real name, your real first name, your date of birth and your nationality, you will see a mention or a widget fit index™ on this interface. You click in the center of this widget, you scroll once to the left, you click on the small box ”Google Fit”, you give the necessary authorizations to Google Fit and THE TURN IS DONE because you have just activated your fit index™ which is THE BASIS of any interaction with the movn® superapp.
  • If you use an Iphone, arrived on the movn® home interface after your registration with your real name, your real first name, your date of birth and your nationality, you will see a mention or a widget fit index™ on this interface. You click in the center of this widget, you scroll once to the left, you click on the small box ”Apple Health or Health”, you give the necessary authorizations to Apple Health or Health and THE TURN IS DONE because you have just activate your fit index™ which is THE BASIS of any interaction with the movn® superapp.
  • Start by doing any physical activity (walking, running, cycling, jumping rope etc.) and you will start getting rewarded with MOVs.

When you finish registering on movn®, as a new user of the movn® superapp, you come across the welcome interface which is composed of:

  • A notification bell at the top left.
  • Three vertically aligned dots that reveal four options once you click on them, namely: Edit my profile, Invite a friend, FAQ and Logout.
  • A circle with your profile picture.
  • From your first and last name.
  • Your movn® universal identifier which consists of the letter “at” followed by your first and last name separated by a dot, followed by the “hash” symbol and finally a number automatically assigned by the system.
  • From the fit index™‘ widget with a summary of the current value of your index and on the same line a ”QR code scanning” symbol and a ”+” symbol that allows you to add new Minis -App to home interface.
  • And movn®‘s integrated wallet called MOV WALLET into which the MOVs you won the day before thanks to the fit index™ are dumped every day.

No way. There is no entry barrier with the movn® Superapp and you don’t even need to subscribe to any subscription to start earning with movn®.

fit index™

This is an index that measures your level of daily physical activity. This is the very basis of the movn® superapp.

The real index is obtained after 30 days of daily physical activity. It is based on an intelligent algorithm and is between 1 and 100. The optimal value of the activity index is 100 and corresponds to approximately 20 km of daily walking for 30 days.

You can directly connect movn® to Google Fit and Apple Health. But you can indirectly connect to almost all trackers by linking Google Fit or Apple Health to these trackers.

For instance if you want to link movn® and Strava, you first link movn® to Google Fit or Apple Health and then Strava to  Google Fit or Apple Health… You can do the same with all kinds of trackers: Runtastic, Garmin, NRC, Endomondo, etc.

The fit index™ interface consists of:

  • From a calendar.
  • The numerical value of the index itself.
  • A graph in red representing the personal evolution curve of the user’s index.
  • A white graph representing the general average of all Super-Application users.
  • The number of steps taken by the user each day and represented by the purple circle.
  • The number of MOVs earned each day by the user and represented by the red circle.
  • The total number of MOVs accumulated by the user since the activation of the fit index™ and available in the “General Total” section.
  • The number of MOVs gained in real time each day by the user and available in the “Day” section.
  • Four essential measurement data (the number of calories burned, the time of physical activity performed daily and counted in minutes, the total number of steps taken during the day and the total distance traveled during the day).

You do not need to have an internet connection on during your daily physical activities.

In reality, Google Fit or Apple Health/Health runs in the background without an internet connection to retrieve your data in order to transmit it to movn® for the reward.

Every 2,000 steps you earn 1 MOV.

However, this ratio could be revised downwards depending on the evolution of the Superapp in the future. But more specifically here are the details of the step count – MOV earned match:

  • 0 – 999 steps = 0 MOV.
  • 1,000 – 2,999 steps = 1 MOV.
  • 3,000 – 4,999 steps = 2 MOV.
  • 5,000 – 6,999 steps = 3 MOV.
  • 7,000 – 8,999 steps = 4 MOV.
  • 9,000 – 10,999 steps = 5 MOV.
  • 11,000 – 12,999 steps = 6 MOV.
  • 13,000 – 14,999 steps = 7 MOV.
  • 15,000 – 16,999 steps = 8 MOV.
  • 17,000 – 18,999 steps = 9 MOV.
  • > 19,000 steps = 10 MOV.

In a day, you can earn a maximum of 10 MOV for the moment corresponding to a minimum of 19,000 steps.

However, in the future, with the appearance of some special boosters in the superapp, it may be possible to earn up to 30 MOV/day.

The MOVs earned the day before thanks to the fit index™ are automatically returned to the integrated wallet of the movn® app (called MOV WALLET) the next day from midnight when you open the app again and wait 02 to 05 minutes (while the servers reset).


A miniapp is an application within movn® superapp and which is intended to offer a particular service within this superapp.

We can see movn® as a collection of services and not just a specific application. Initially we are creating our own mini-apps, then together with third parties and finally the system will be fully opened to external developers via an SDK.

In august 22, movn® is composed of three (03) miniapps which are walk&collect™, Sport Ratings and NTC 2022®.

Over the months, many new mini apps will be available through our partners.

The walk&collect™ miniapp is a Pokemon Go-like game whose objective is to walk to collect coins on your way and these coins are actually Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT).

Before starting to collect the coins in the game, you must have an internet connection on. Once the internet connection is on:

  • You enter the miniapp W&C
  • You click on “Let’s go”.
  • And you start by walking and every 100 meters, a coin will appear.

When you are in the game and you come across a collectible while walking,

  • Stop walking.
  • Click on the collector’s item.
  • Turn the coin twice.
  • Click fairly quickly on the 05 bubbles that appear in order to burst them all.
  • Then click “Super” to fully collect the coin.
  • Finally click on the “back” key on your phone to return to the game and continue walking to find another piece on your way.


To know
If you keep walking while clicking on the collectible coin, you lose the coin or if you walk 10 meters away from the coin, you lose it too.

To date, there are 1,000,000 NFTs to be found worldwide with 100 copies of 10,000 unique athlete medals. Once this first collection is exhausted, new ones will be added as the application evolves.

$mov token

The $MOV is a deflationary utility token designed to reward people for being physically active. Based on the daily activity index the system rewards people in $MOV.

It is the native digital token of movn® designed to reward superapp users who have decided to adopt a more active lifestyle.

Eventually, MOV wants to become the currency of sport. The daily MOV rewards are dumped into the superapp’s built-in wallet called MOV wallet.

You can use MOV to access premium features and services from Miniapps inside movn®. Miniapps could be eCommerce, facility bookings, Games, and many more. 

MOV can also be swapped, stake or sent to Metamask from your in-app movn® wallet.

Yes $MOV has been listed since July 16, 2022 on Uniswap, a decentralized virtual marketplace.

You can buy it on this virtual marketplace with currently only USDC. It is therefore the MOV/USDC pair that is available for the purchase and sale of the MOV token.

The only external wallet that supports the MOV token at the moment is Metamask.

To find the MOV token on this decentralized virtual marketplace, you must use its contract address, taking care to select the Polygon Blockchain.

Here is the MOV digital token contract address:


The token is developed solely on the Polygon Network.

  • Token name: MOV
  • Ticker: MOV
  • Network: Polygon-Matic

The $MOV total supply is 1,000,000,000 (1B) with the following distribution

  • Rewarding (50% – 500M) Reward activity and token holders
  • Reserve (20% – 200M) Treasury, strategic reserve of the company and to add liquidity
  • Marketing & Promotion (14% – 140M) Marketing and promotion
  • Team & Advisors (10% – 100M) Team members and advisors
  • Token sale (6% – 60M) Tokens to be sold in pre-sale and in IDO

On the mobile application, go to the myWallet widget and choose the pack of your choice. The purchase is made by credit card, without commission. There is no vesting period, just 7 day blocking to prevent fraud.

On the dApp, go to myWallet, enter the amount of your choice. The purchase is made by credit card or in cryptocurrency, without commission. There is no vesting period, just 7 day blocking to prevent fraud.

  • You go to the decentralized application of Uniswap by this link
  • You search for the MOV token by its contract address and add it once for good.
  • You select the Polygon Network.
  • You connect your Metamask wallet.
  • Make sure you have USDC available in the Metamask account you plan to use to purchase MOVs.
  • You also make sure you have some MATIC in the Metamask account you plan to use to purchase the MOVs so you can pay the gas fees for the transactions.
  • You put in the top box of Uniswap the amount in USDC you want to use to buy the MOVs.
    In the lower box you select the MOV token.
  • You finally click “swap” to buy the MOVs. These will therefore end up in your Metamask wallet.
  • You must use the decentralized application of movn® by this link
  • You must be on a computer with a browser that supports the Metamask extension.
  • You need to have some MATIC on your Metamask in order to be able to pay Polygon Blockchain gas fees.
  • You then open your Metamask wallet on the browser.
  • You enter the link of the movn® dApp (
  • You click on the “G” symbol if you’re using an Android with a Gmail account or the “apple” symbol if you’re using an iPhone.
  • After accessing your wallet on movn®‘s decentralized application, you enter the amount of MOV you want to deposit in the “deposit” box and validate.
  • You then follow the instructions for the definitive deposit of the MOVs of the Metamask in the myWallet of the superapp.

Yes, withdrawing your $MOV to MetaMask is only possible for purchases during the presale and in-app purchases (6 months vesting and an unlockable % every day that you can withdraw). Withdrawals of your rewards are blocked for at least 3 months.


Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) are digital assets that represent unique items, from collectible sports cards to digital sneakers. movn® uses NFTs extensively. Every object that belongs to users will be converted to a NFT. Badges, achievements, athlete collectibles, game prizes, event tickets, all will be digital tokens that users will own and can be exported outside of movn®.

This way, we can guarantee that the user is the asset owner. It means the asset can be sold in P2P (peer-to-peer) open markets or showcase to the whole world in total transparency and trust.

Besides MOV as the base token and the NFT based digital items, movn® uses the Blockchain as a decentralized database. The Universal Sports ID or the sports ratings will be deployed over the Blockchain. It is a transparent and universal way to manage sports data.

In this launch phase, all data and code is in “traditional” cloud services.

We need to stabilize the platform and ensure that blockchain technology is capable of managing our services offering an easy and good experience for our users. We need a fast, cheap, user friendly and seamless solution for the long term.

We are analyzing Ethereum together with second layer or side chain solutions as Polygon or Immutable X.

your data


New movn® app update available

A new app update is available on Android (V.1.3.2) & in pending for iOS (V.1.3.1).

/ Fix for the fitindex™ *
/ Fixed issue with email registration and login
/ The new official NTC 2022 miniapp
/ Fixed error on first install with the preinstalled miniapps
/ Fixed of issue on registration
/ Fixed of issue checking if the device is locked
/ Other minor speed improvements and bug fixes

*TO KNOW: All of your steps and $MOV since the mid-September bug have been counted and will be updated in your app in a few days as we need to reset all fitindex™.

No steps counted and impossible to connect by email? We are working on it.

Since the last update in mid-September, many of you on iOS & Android no longer have your steps counted in the fitindex or even not being able to connect by email. Don’t worry, everything will be fixed in the next app update, very soon. All your steps have been counted since the date of this bug and your rewards will be distributed to you.

We are sorry for this inconvenience but continue your sport with movn®, and stay in good physical health! See you soon 🫶 💪

You can BUY $MOV on movn® app!

🇬🇧 On the app, go to the MOV Wallet widget and choose the pack of your choice. The purchase is made by credit card, without commission. There is no vesting period, just 7 days lockup to prevent fraud.

🇫🇷 Sur l’app, rendez-vous dans le widget MOV Wallet et choisissez le pack de votre choix. L’achat se fait en carte bancaire, sans commission. Il n’y a pas de période de vesting, juste un vérouillage de 7 jours pour éviter les fraudes.

🇪🇸 En la aplicación, vaya al widget MOV Wallet y elija el paquete que prefiera. La compra se realiza con tarjeta de crédito, sin comisión. No hay un período de adjudicación, solo un bloqueo de 7 días para evitar el fraude.

contact us.

We only support requests related to movn® and miniapps. Issues from external platforms like Uniswap, Metamask even if it’s $MOV are not our support.

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