$mov, the currency of sport.

The $mov is a deflationary utility token designed to reward people for being physically active. Based on the daily activity index the system rewards people in $mov.

Available on our app & UNISWAP

a web3 full experience.

We take the Web3 concept to its new sports ecosystem. Users who create, contribute & promote the ecosystem are the true owners of it.

Ownership and monetization. Gamification. Economy. Finance, or rather DeFi (decentralized finance). Management

Its usefulness is to access any product or service within the ecosystem.

Sport related services

Membership levels

Purchases and sales of NFTs

GameFi services

DeFi services

Future DAO governance

on Polygon network.

The $mov token is a deflationary utility token on the Polygon network (Polygon-Matic), following the ERC-20 standard. The ticker is “MOV” and the max total supply is 1B.



Rewarding (50% - 500M)
Reserve (20% - 200M)
Marketing (14% - 140M)
Team (10% - 100M)
Token sale (6% - 60M)
the rewarding.

The engine that makes movn® work is to reward its users for participating and creating the ecosystem. 50% of token supply, 500M MOVs, is destined to rewards and distributed over a 10 year period.

With this big share of the tokens we get a large distribution among the community. The future DAO will be responsible for managing the reward system. Initially, we divide the reward into two blocks.


to superapp members
based on their activity


to token holders adding
liquidity to the protocol

Until the system stabilizes, we will publish tables with the reward associated with each action. Later, it will be managed through a smart contract associated with a network of oracles.

welcome to
the $mov.