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Managing a coaching business can be a daily challenge. Now, imagine having your own app that not only enhances your clients' experience but also streamlines your training.

Personal Trainers

Fitness, Strength & Conditioning, Nutrition, Rehabilitation, Yoga, Pilates, Therapists.
An app to optimize your schedule, retain your clients, and more.
Personal Trainers

Sports Coachs

Racket, Individual & Team, Combat, Water, Winter, Extreme, Other Sports.
An app to streamline session management, enhance your visibility, and more.
Sports-Specific Coaches

Create an app for coaches with essential functionalities.

In collaboration with sports coaches, we have developed a package that incorporates essential functionalities to streamline your coaching management and boost its growth.

Business Profile

Business Profile

Introduce yourself to your community with a profile.
Business Profile


Your news feed, including images, videos, and text.
Session Booking

Session Booking

Create, organize, and sell your individual or group sessions.
Session Booking

These functionalities are specifically tailored to your role as a sports coach. We offer additional functionalities to further enhance your app.

Builder, the tool to create your coaching app.

Available on the web and MacOS, Builder is a platform to create your mobile app in minutes. Choose functionalities, configure options, customize, and publish your app instantly within Movn.

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5 key reasons to create your coaching app on Movn.

Fuel your coaching business with advanced activity management and community engagement. Movn is geared to reach millions of users and offer thousands of services by 2024, spearheading the transformation towards a more streamlined sports and wellness domain.


Affordable Cost

Create your own app without developer costs and hidden fees, saving you nearly 80% compared to a traditional app.

Time Savings

Save time on both creation and management, no need to search for a development team or provider.


Evolve your app at any time and enjoy updates without the constraints of the App Store or Google Play.

Trust & Credibility

Having your app in Movn enhances your image and boosts the credibility of your business in the eyes of your customers.
  • Jean-Marc LenoirJean-Marc Lenoir App
    "Thanks to Movn, managing my bookings and communicating with my clients has become incredibly easy. Now, I can focus on what I love the most: teaching padel. Movn has revolutionized how I run my coaching business, making me an even more efficient coach. I couldn't be happier."
    Jean-Marc Lenoir
    Certified Padel Coach in London