NTC 2023 App: A successful experience for players & fans.

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As an official event of the FFT (French Tennis Federation), the National Tennis Cup stands as the global leader in amateur tennis tournaments. With over 13,000 participants, spanning both adults and juniors, the event culminates in a thrilling final phase gathering 1,300 participants, hosted at the International Tennis Centre in Cap d'Agde.

Available on the Movn App Store, the official National Tennis Cup app, in partnership with the French Tennis Federation, is an integral component of this world-renowned event. For two years now, we have had the privilege of being the competition's partner, providing the official tournament app. Our app is designed to deliver a comprehensive and immersive experience for all involved in this event. Whether you are a dedicated player or an enthusiastic spectator, our app keeps you connected to the action, no matter where you are.

Through the app, players and the audience have the opportunity to closely follow the tournament schedule, real-time match results, and more. Our team collaborates continuously with the French Tennis Federation to enhance the app by introducing new features to make the experience even more memorable. For example, participants can now register for events directly through the app, reserve training courts to prepare for their matches, and even collect official NFTs from the National Tennis Cup, adding an exciting digital dimension to this traditional event.

Throughout this remarkable week, our app received a warm and enthusiastic reception. Players and their companions expressed their satisfaction with the app, praising its smooth functionality and near real-time score displays. This technology elevates the excitement of amateur tennis and padel to new heights, bringing sports enthusiasts closer to the action and providing a unique tournament tracking experience.

The National Tennis Cup is an event that successfully combines tradition and innovation, and our app seamlessly fits into this vision. We take pride in continuing to support this event by providing a quality app that enhances the tournament experience for all participants, tennis, and padel enthusiasts. We eagerly look forward to seeing how this distinctive blend of sports and technology will continue to evolve and leave its mark on the history of the National Tennis Cup.

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