Movn is the Sports Superapp

Movn is an app with many apps for sport, wellness and health. Whether you are a fan of running, crossfit, padel, fitness or any sport, the Movn Superapp will have an app for you.

movn sports superapp

Free – Available in English, French, Spanish – Rating 4+

What's Movn superapp?

Confirmed athlete or simply want to adopt a more active lifestyle. The superapp allows you to improve and facilitate your daily sports life with useful, fun and innovative apps.

You will be able to find a personal trainer or a coach, book lessons, subscribe to your gym, participate in a sports event or a race near you, and more. Entertain yourself and enter an interactive and social experience with our apps.

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Our app store

Find apps for sports, wellness and health and install them in the superapp. Do physical activity while being rewarded in $MOV with the Move to Earn (M2E) app or get digital collectibles with the Walk & Collect game. All are designed to improve your daily life and meet our quality, security and confidentiality standards.

A unisex & universal level rating system for every sport.


Created by

A unisex & universal level rating system for tennis.


Created by

Jean Marc Lenoir is a certified Padel coach based in London.

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Make walk more fun playing and collecting NFTs

HONUS, Creator of Walk & Collect Miniapp

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The only sports superapp with fun, useful & rewarding.

Improve your health with Movn

Encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle is our top priority with our superapp. Many apps have been designed to make your daily sports life easier and improve your physical condition.

Challenge yourself and other users around the world by running, walking, practicing your sport. All sports companies can seamlessly get their app in Movn and start delighting their communities through a more unique and unified experience.

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Our superapp features

Our aim is to encourage the whole world to adopt a healthier lifestyle through physical activity. With the passion for sport that drives us, the expertise of Web3, medical researchers and our ambassadors, Movn offers you innovative, powerful and fun features.

Tracking Activity Movn

Activity Tracking

Google Fit and Apple Health integrations help you record the physical activity from your favorite trackers in one single place.

MovCare Program


MovCare is a Movn program that promotes the values of sport around the world. Integrated into the superapp, each user can donate their rewards to the charity of their choice.

Fit Index

Fit Index

Fit Index is a universal index of your physical activity. A powerful algorithm, used worldwide, that converts your collected physical activity into a worldwide level between 0 and 100. This feature is designed according to WHO recommendations.

MOV, The Sports Currency

MOV Token

Movn has integrated a wallet with an utility token into its ecosystem, the $MOV. This sports crypto currency provides access to services and products within the superapp.

Movn gamifies your sports activites

The future of sport will be interactive and gamified. Sports will have to address important challenges as It faces fierce competition from other more sedentary leisure activities. 

Through the apps and the innovative features from Movn, you can practice your physical activity while living a fun and interactive experience.

Be active and compete in global challenges to collect and earn rewards such as tradable digital collectibles (NFTs). Everything is designed to make sports and wellness more fun.

Fitness women with Movn Superapp
Men run with Movn App