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One app, endless possibilities.
An all-in-one platform of mini applications & services for sport. movn® is a superapp. Become a user or create your miniapp to reach millions of new customers.

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we make a new lifestyle.

The movn® app means having an active lifestyle, being at your best fitness, but also mental and financial.

We are a Move To Earn app but movn® is more than an app, it’s a superapp. It rewards your physical activity in $MOV, the digital currency of sport. It is also a catalog of mini applications, all dedicated to sport, its services, its products, and developped by our partners.

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It is a central movn® feature tracking all your physical activity. The system collects the recommendations of the main world health organizations.

For an adult, the optimal level is at a fit index™ of 100. The level of activity will also be the basis for the daily rewarding in $mov. Each day there is a maximum reward per person if they reach the recommended daily activity.

As a superapp, movn® users can potentially access hundreds of (sports-related) services called miniapps. Each movn® miniapp focuses on a different utility or functionality. We can see movn® as a collection of services and not just a specific application.

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We have a great chance, it’s to be supported and appreciated by legends, athletes, exceptional champions who have common sporting values at movn®.